Employment Separation Agreement is an important document that protects the employer and employee from future liabilities. Separation Agreement Template helps you create this agreement easily. All you need to do is fill in some basic information like Employer and Employee name along with other termination details. 

A business can generate a personalized form based on its requirements. It allows them to mention all the terms of separation releasing both the parties from the future liabilities. Here, you will find the latest template of the Employment Separation Agreement. 

What is an Employment Separation Agreement?

Employment Separation Agreement is a document that states the termination of an employee’s services towards an organization. It helps protect both parties from legal cases after the termination of employment.

The document is used as proof that the employer has not committed any act that could land them in a legal problem. Similarly, it is proof for the employee that there were no term violations committed by them at their previous job.

The main reason behind creating a Separation Agreement is to have legal proof that the employee no longer works at that place. This proof is required while maintaining the employee records and retaining services. 

What Are Terms of Employment Separation Agreement?

The basic term of an Employment Separation Agreement is that both parties are not liable for any loss after the document is signed. Both parties mention that there was no violation of policies and human rights at the workplace. However, one can still mention all the details in this agreement and get it documented right away.

The main thing to note is that the document needs to be shared with confidentiality. Also, the employee must complete all their assigned responsibilities before signing this paper. That is why it is important to check for all the formalities before moving ahead with this agreement.

Some businesses update these terms to comply with the business rules and standards. It can be done by adding some new sections to the template or creating one from the scratch.

How to Write an Employment Separation Agreement?

Writing an Employment Separation Agreement requires some background work before drafting it. Therefore, an employer must make a list of important information like planning the right time for discussing it with them. Also, employees need to report their pending payments for reimbursement.

Once you are ready with the above details, follow these steps to write an Employment Separation Agreement.

  • Find the Separation Agreement at the top of the page. Click on the Get Form button and edit the form directly on this website.
  • Enter the basic information like Company Name and the Employer Name. After that, you need to mention the date and time after which the document will be effective. Also, sign all the acknowledgment fields so that the document is legally binding for both parties.
  • The last step is to make some copies of the agreement and share one of the copies with the employee. The copies must be shared with the employer after signing the original one. 

Employers and employees can sign the documents using the eSign tool available on this platform. It eliminates all the chances of document forging and makes the document more credible.


Employment Separation Agreement provides future liability protection to both parties. We recommend spending some time to mention all the important details as it is legal proof that the employee does not work there anymore. You can edit the template using the editor on the same page. Therefore, avoid using a third-party file editor for confidential information.

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