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Looking for a reliable Engagement Letter Template? Find the customizable templates on this page and avoid writing your Engagement Letter from scratch. It includes all the legal requirements and you can simply enter the information of both the parties with the letter terms.

What is an Engagement Letter?

An engagement letter is a document stating all the activities that fall under the scope of a business. It is used to describe the relationship between two parties, i.e., the client and the service provider. You can call it a formal contract that has all the properties of a contract binding two parties. However, it does not require legal jargon or complicated policies to work.

When a company gets in a contract with a service provider, they write an engagement letter that covers the responsibilities of each party, according to the discussed terms. Therefore, an engagement letter helps protect the interests of both parties.

The good thing is that both parties can form this letter without worrying about the legal requirements. However, it is still legally binding and can be used to resolve disputes among them.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Engagement Letter?

Here are some Benefits of using Engagement Letters.

Legally Binding Document

The most important advantage of using Engagement letters is that they are legally binding and it gives both parties to settle the disputes in court. Either company can ask for compensation, in case the other party does not fulfill its responsibility.

Written Agreement

An Engagement Letter eliminates all the misunderstandings between the parties by writing the terms on paper. That way, both parties can check all the assigned responsibilities before signing the letter. 

Delivers Better Results

It helps in getting better services from the service provider and ensures that they get paid at the right time. Therefore, it helps both parties ensure their interests through this document.

What Are the Important Elements in an Engagement Letter?

Here are some important elements of an engagement letter.

Concerned Parties: The main section includes the names of the concerned parties that are supposed to fulfill their responsibilities. Here, the agent needs to mention the name of the client and the service provider with the signatures of each party.

Type of Service: This section covers the services that are discussed with the client. It must provide the complete details of the services that can be used to manage the disputes.

Responsibility of Each Party: This section states the service provider’s responsibility to provide the service and the client’s responsibility to make the payments.

Disclaimer: This section includes a proper disclaimer protecting both parties from unreasonable legal charges.

Validity Terms: It includes the terms on which the letter stays validated. In other scenarios, the agreement can be terminated by violation of any term.


Using an Agreement Letter is helpful while dealing with new service providers. It binds both the parties to fulfill the duties mentioned in it. 

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