When working on large projects, it becomes a need of the hour to involve legal written agreements in order to have everything in order. In case if anyone within the project accidentally or incidentally causes a mishap, someone can be legally held responsible who could make amendments.

A subcontractor agreement is such a contract that is made between project managers or contractors and subcontractors. It legalizes the agreement between the two parties so to ensure a smooth flow of work.

What Is a Subcontractor Agreement?

A subcontractor agreement is a contract between a contractor that hires subcontractors to help a project reach its completion state. The subcontractor agreements template consolidates the agreement between the two aforementioned parties and makes sure that work is being done.

The hired subcontractors need to comprehend the issued subcontractors agreement template to understand the situation and make sure they are protected from any kind of consequences or risks. Therefore, it is a crucial legal document that sets the rules of a business-related contract between a contractor and subcontractor.

The contractor gets the agreement made and holds it to assure that the services are being performed for the client. The subcontractor within the agreement can be a company or a single person that is hired by the contractor to undergo his required services of the project and is paid by the contractor.

There are different specifications for the type of payment involved within the agreement. They determine when the subcontractor is to be paid by the terms of the agreement. Subcontracting forms can benefit both contractors and subcontractors in comparison to verbal agreements.

Who Will Need a Subcontractor Agreement?

Subcontracting agreements can serve to be a crucial asset to getting the work done if you are a contractor. There are many real-life scenarios, each in which the subcontractor contract template is equally beneficial for the teams. A few of the industries or list of people is included below, for whom a subcontractor agreement is beneficial:

  • Commercial Property Owners: If your work revolves around buying or selling properties for business, then the subcontracting agreement will yield helpful for you to secure agreements.
  • Small Business Owners: It comprises small businesses that operate around hiring other people to commit their client’s work.
  • Construction Contractors: A team of construction contractors who are hired by a client party to get work done would need to hire subcontractors and get a construction subcontractor agreement.
  • Lawyers: You can legally take care of business agreements through free subcontractor agreement template word without involving a third lawyer party.

What Is Included in a Subcontractor Agreement?

A subcontractors agreement template will vary based on the project and contractor’s requirements. However, there are several vital elements that need to be included within a subcontractor agreement.

  • Parties involved in the Contract: The two parties, which is the contractor or project manager and the subcontractor party.
  • Effective Date: This specifies the date until which the validity of the subcontractor agreement is authentic.
  • Completion Date: It includes the project's expected completion deadline that needs to be stated in the Subcontractor Agreement.
  • Conditional Payment: "Pay-if-paid" and "Pay-when-paid" are two types of conditional payments that are now fairly common in the subcontractor agreement.
  • Payment Basis: The rate of payment and the payment basis need to be explicitly illustrated in the subcontractor agreement form.
  • Insurance and Bonds: Insurance and bonds are often included in a subcontractor agreement, depending on the type of project.
  • Warranty: A warranty dictates that the subcontractor's work was of quality as required and free from defects. This can work beneficial for both contractor and subcontractor, depending on the situation.


If your work involves hiring other people, such as subcontractors, for certain tasks or projects, then it is very critical that you get a subcontractor agreement. A subcontractor contract will not only benefit you as a contractor, but it will be beneficial for your subcontractors working for you as well. It enlists the details of the project and the work that needs to be done within the specified time frame.

Subcontractor Agreement FAQs

Is there a difference between a subcontractor and an employee?

Yes, there are a few differences in terms of taxes involved. For instance, if you are the contractor, then you are responsible for the employee's employment associated taxes. Otherwise, as a subcontractor, the worker is responsible for his taxes on his own.

What are the minimums of a subcontractor agreement?

The minimums of a subcontract form are within the scope of the project's services that are to be rendered. In any case, there must be a clause that clearly defines the minimums and the steps to deal with them.

How can the subcontractor agreement be customized?

You can customize your subcontractor contract template to protect the disclosure of the client's confidential information by pairing the subcontractor agreement with NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Do subcontractors need to rely on a written agreement?

If the subcontractors and contractor work on a regular basis, then both of the parties may prefer not to have a written agreement to have a relaxed business. However, the benefits that written agreements provide cannot be ignored, and the parties may not be protected otherwise.

In case of a dispute between contractor and subcontractor, who is to be held responsible?

If any of the parties, I.e., the contractor or subcontractor, sues the other party, then the judgment would be made based on the agreement terms involved in the contract.

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